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Certificate Course in Oriental Cuisine

Oriental cuisine refers to dishes made and consumed in the Southeast Asian countries. Dishes of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore & Vietnam.

Upto Date Curriculum

Upto Date Curriculum

The curriculum is designed by Cook and Bake Academy to meet the current standards of learning. This course is created by professional chef’s.

Only 15 Students In One Batch

Only 15 Students In One Batch

Our chef to student’s ratio is 1:15, making it possible for each student to get maximum personal focus from the trainer

Hands-On Training

Hands-On Training

Our focus is on practical training rather than just theory, 100% classes are hands-on

Global Qualification

Global Qualification

Academy is  accredited from City & Guilds, a leading global vocational education and training organisation, for qualifications such as cooking, food preparation, patisserie and hospitality management.


3 months Certificate from City & Guilds, London, United Kingdom

3 Months Practical classes

Classes held per week: 3 (Practical: 3)

About the Course

Certificate Course in Oriental Cuisine


Oriental food refers to dishes made and consumed in the Southeast Asian countries. Dishes of China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore & Vietnam. Their dishes have lots of spices, dry ingredients, fermented sauces and pickled products are widely.

We are the first Academy in the New Delhi that is offering a 3 Months certification course in Oriental Cuisine. We are very proud of this initiative.

This innovative Oriental Cuisine course has been created by expert Chef Nitin Pal Singh and is taught in the same way that French cuisine is: using the – Watch, Learn & Do method – where students observe a oriental cooking demonstration by our Chef – followed by 100% hands-on practice in our practical kitchens for each and every recipe.

The course provides a comprehensive Oriental Cuisine curriculum with more than 100 recipes of traditional, regional, royal and modern contemporary Oriental dishes.


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Discover the art of Oriental cooking and the secrets of Oriental cuisine from our expert Chef.

The certificate, accredited by City & Guilds, London. Which is considered to be the international passport to the culinary world?

Classes include uniform, a cooking demonstration, food tasting, and hands-on activities which will enable you to create exquisite Oriental dishes. Dishes include appetizers and snacks, salads, soups, curry and curry pastes, dips & sauces, main courses, rice & noodles and traditional oriental desserts.


At Cook and Bake Academy, learning is vital, but it provides a means to an end: that of a successful bakers’ life. Assessments are critical for our students and delivered through projects, practical tests, and assignments by our in-house chef-instructors.


  • Master the art of Oriental Cuisine
  • Comprehensive foundation course specially designed for better understanding
  • The recipes include step by step instructions.
  • With the help of our Unique teaching methods, we help you innovate the dishes.
  • Learn to express your culinary creativity and amaze yourself and the loved ones.
  • Recipes include dishes from China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Vietnam.


Being India’s international baking & culinary academy, Cook and Bake Academy has affiliations with the City & Guilds, London. Once you finish your diploma program at Cook and Bake Academy, all graduates will receive Industrial Training certificate from the Hotel once training is successfully finished, one credential from Cook and Bake Academy and One Diploma from City & Guilds London.

Topic Covered

learn asian cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

learn asian cuisine

Thai Cuisine

learn asian cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

learn asian cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine

learn asian cuisine

Korean Cuisine

learn asian cuisine

Singaporean Cuisine


About the Course

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On completion of this qualification

  • Students can opt for Diploma or Advance Diploma Courses in Culinary Arts or Bakery and Confectionery.
  • Students can opt for other Certificate or Short term Courses.
  • 3 Months Practical classes
  • Minimum age of applicant should be 12 years or above.
  • 3 months Certificate from City & Guilds, London, United Kingdom
  • 3 month Completion Certificate From Cook And Bake Academy
  • The course is assessed via practical examination.
  • Final assessment is done by City & Guilds, London, united kingdom as per international standards. 
  • Registration & Examination fee of City & Guilds.
  • Chef Uniform
  • Training material.
  • Tasting session
  • 2 Photocopies of Aadhar Card
  • 2 Photocopies Passport copy
  • 4 Coloured passport-sized photographs

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