The very onset of the winter brings nip of cold in the air and a joyous feeling of festivities and celebrations come into the picture. Lots of laughter, dance and fun of Santa roaming around with “HoHoHo, Merry Christmas” sound is the favourite memories for any kid around the block, and thereby, mesmerising the very vicinity with the essence of the Big Day. Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals irrespective of religion and has become a synonym with cakes, candies, cookies, buns for almost everyone across all ages.


Christmas has another meaning for all the chefs around the globe. It brings in the opportunity for them to show case their culinary skills,creativity, expertise and bless people with their delectable goodies. It starts with the “Soaking ceremony” where the dried fruits like cashews, almond, tuttifruiti, raisins, black currant, walnut, dates, figs, ash gourd, lemon peel, ginger peel etc.are soaked in rum and wine a month before for delicious plum cake. Chefs also start working on artisan breads weeks before to give mouthful slices to everyone. Christmas goodies prepared in academy is the combination of all the best available ingredients that is dried fruits soaked in rum, spices like cloves and cinnamon, cardamom, well-aged spirits which brings out the exotic flavour of the breads and cakes.


Christmas has special place in my heart and memories so we at Cook and Bake Academy conduct special workshop for Christmas where all festive special from Ginger Bread House to Plum Cake, Cinnamon Buns to Snowman Macaroons and different kinds of candies all are prepared in traditional way merging the enthusiasm of students with the passion of teacher, thereby, resulting in decadent cakes and delicious cookies and breads.

People wait for Christmas just to enlighten their taste bud with the most sinful plum cakes, and hence we provide people with the best of the best plum cakes, breads, puddings and candies.


Coming Christmas who doesn’t want to enjoy the delectable puddings and desserts listening to the age old stories of how these dishes are evolved and their very existence. So come join the academy and learn the very art of preparing the varied cakes, cookies, breads, other exotic dishes and not just listen but build your own stories and flavourful dessert for your family and friends.

Merry Christmas 🤶

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