cooking and baking workshops


Jul 16 2020 - May 15 2021


10:30 am - 2:00 pm


Rs 4, 64, 000/-

Admission open for Dual Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking (Culinary Arts & Patisserie)

Admission open for Dual Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking (Culinary Arts & Patisserie)

Cook and Bake Academy has created a program based on the City & Guilds International Catering and Hospitality Curriculum. The main emphasis of the course is to provide the student with extensive culinary arts, bakery & patisserie practical training & educational modules that would help the student to train and prepare for a job in the hospitality industry.

Classes will start from 16 July 2020 and Classes will be held in Cook and Bake Academy, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, India

What will you study in this course?

•             Safety at work in food preparation

•             Food safety at work

•             Food preparation methods

•             Cost control operations

•             Storage & care of materials

•             Nutrition at work

•             Cooking methods: boiling, poaching, steaming, stewing, braising, deep-frying, baking, roasting, grilling

•             Cold food preparations, basic pastry technique

•             Kitchen maintenance & design

•             Budgeting, costing & control

•             Menu Planning

•             Preparation, cooking & service – Meat, poultry dishes, stocks, soups, sauces, pulses & vegetable dishes

•             Preparation, cooking & service – Pasta, rice, farinaceous, cold preparation dishes, egg dishes & savories

•             Prepare, bake paste based products and desserts

•             Prepare, bake cakes and sponges

•             Prepare meringue-based products and desserts

•             Prepare gelatin set desserts

•             Prepare egg set desserts

•             Prepare & bake chemically aerated products

•             Prepare & cook fruit-based desserts

•             Prepare simple frozen desserts

•             Prepare & bake fermented products

•             Prepare & use creams, fillings & glazes

•             Prepare hot & cold sauces

•             Prepare & use decorative mediums

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