What you'll learn

  • Basic understandings of Pastry Art and Dessert making.
  • Various techniques used in making high-end desserts and pastries
  • Role of flavor balancing and different texture play in desserts and pastries
  • Complex Mousseline-based desserts
  • Selection of Classical French Petite Fours and Entremets
  • Various presentation and plating techniques
  • Interesting and innovative garnishes made easy

Modern French Pastry

Mousses and Set Desserts

  • Glazed Strawberry Mousse with French Macaroons  4000/-

           Strawberry flavored mousse topped with shiny glaze and decorated with French macaroons


  • Cream Cheese Mousse and Jelly Tart  5500/-

           Cream cheese mousse with double glaze, strawberry jelly disc, tart shell filled, baked with frangipane & sugar decoration


  • Mango Mousse with Tulip  3300/-


  • Multi – Color White Chocolate Mousse  2800/-


  • Full payment to be made at the time of admission.
  • The content is focused at teaching various methods of preparation & may vary with individual student’s needs towards learning’s & time frames.
  • Dishes may be changed or deleted at the discretion of the chef.
  • The duration of the course would depend on the number of items selected and student can complete the course 15 days from the time of admission not later than that.

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COMING SOON…………………………..

COMING SOON…………………………..


High-end Pastries and Entremet desserts made with complex techniques of French techniques and Skill, lavish Petite Fours and many more.

Why take Modern French Pastry classes?

  • Growing trend of High-end Pastries and Modern French Desserts
  • Petite Fours and Glazed Pastries are steal of the show
  • Desserts made with classical French techniques and Skill sets
  • Recipes include step by step instructions
  • Learn various garnish making techniques from our chefs, sharing their tips and tricks

Who this course is for-

Anyone who is intrigued by the complexities of Modern French Pastries, Gourmet Desserts and Delicious Petite Fours are invited to join this course.

Minimum Age for application is 12 years.

Maximum Age limit is no bar.

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