Vrat Wale kachalu


Kachalu                                   300gms

Ghee                           1.5tbs

Ajwain                                    3gms

Hing                            .2 gms

Hari mirch                              7gms

Corriendwer                           5 gms

Dhaniya powder                                5 gms

Red chill powder                               4 gms

Salt                              to taste

Water                         10ml

Lemon                                     1pc

GINGER CHOP                                    5 GMS



  1. Boil the kachalu upto 3-5 whistles. Peel them
  2. Cut kachalu into dice
  3. Add ghee in a pan and add hing and ajwain to it and sauté add chopped ginger chopped green chillies sauté well
  4. Add all the powdered masal with a dash of water (so that masal dosent burn) and sauté well
  5. Add boiled kachalu to it saute well and garnish it with ginger julliens and corriender leaves






Arbi                             300 gm

Tamrind paste                        20 gms

Salt                              to taste

Red chilli powder      5gms

Chopped ginger         5gms

Chopped green chilli 3gms

Rosted ajwain                        1tsp



  1. Boil arbi upto 3-4 whistels and peel them and cut into roundals
  2. Take a boul add arbi then add red chilli powder chopped ginger green chilli and tamrind paste
  3. Keep it in a fridge at least 2 hrs
  4. At a time of serving sprinckle rosted ajwain and serve cold.


Fruit raita


Curd                                  400gms

Apple                                1 pc

Banana                             1 pc

Pemogranate                   50 gms

Grapes                              100 grm

Cream                               50ml

Milk                                   50 ml

Salt                                    to taste

Roster cumin (op)                        1tsp

Black salt                          1 gms



  1. TAKE A BOUL and wisk the curd or strain it from a seieve
  2. Cut all the fruits into small dices and mix it in a wisk curd
  3. Add the salt and rosted cumin before serving and serve cold





Aloo                            300 gms

Anardana                   20 gms

Water                                     300 ml

Salt                              to taste

Pudina                        75gms plucked

Corriender with stem & roots          50 gms

Gree chilli                               25 gms

Ginger                                     10 grm

Lemon                                     4pc



  1. Boil the aloo & peel them & cut into dices
  2. Paste the pudina corriender ginger green chilli with salt
  3. Take a boul add diced potatoes to it add the above paste then add anardana squise some lemon according to your taste then add water & keep it in a fridge and serve cold.




Boiled potato             60 gms

Arbi                             60 gms

Redish                         50 gms (grated & chopped leaves)

Spinach Chopped      100 gms

Chopped green chilli 5 gms

Chopped pudina        5 gms

Chopped ginger         15 gms

Mint & corriender paste       20 gms

Salt                              to taste

Singhada aataa          150 gms

Samak aataa              150 gms

Desi ghee                                200 gms

Ajwain                                    5 gms

Jeera                           5 gms

Anardaana                 15 gms

Water                         100 ml



  1. Take a parat and a bowl and add all the vegetables and mix well
  2. Add salt and anardana to it and mix
  3. Add both the flours and kneed a dough by adding bit of ghee and water as required & keep a side for half an hour
  4. Take a tawa & make a roti by using your hand and cook the roti from both the sides by using desi ghee and serve hot.




Aloo                                        150gms (boiled & dice cut)

Paneer                                                100 gms

Fresh tomato paste               250 gms

Jeera                                       3 gms

Hing                                        .2 gms

Water                                     300 ml

Salt                                          to taste

Black pepper                          3 gms

Curd (whisked)                      100gms

Desi ghee                                150 ml

Elaichi                                     2 pc

Bay leaf                                   3 pcs

Moti elaichi                            1 pc

Green chilli slit                       3 no

Chopped corriender              10 gms

Ginger jullien                                     10 gms

Red chilli powder                  8 gms



  1. In a kadahi add desi ghee add hing jeera and sauté add ginger juklliens and fresh tomato puree
  2. Add salt corriender powder red chill powder and sauté till oil seperates add bolied potatoes and sauté well
  3. Add water and wait for boiling add cubed cottage cheese after 4-5 mins add curd without wisking and cover the lid for atleast 7-10 mins till oil comes over the gravy
  4. Serve hot with garnish of ginger jullienes & corriender




Sitafal(cut dices with skin)                                       500gms

Desi ghee                                            150 ml

Achari mirch                                      4 no

Ginger chopped                                 5gms

Jeera                                                   5gms

Hing                                                    .5gms

Imli paste                                            25 gms

Gur                                                      50 gms

Salt                                                      to taste

Dhaniya powder                                7gms

Red chilli powder                              7gms



  1. Take akadai heat the ghee and add hing and jeera after popping add chopped and chopped green chillies and sauté well
  2. Add sitafal diced salt red chill powder dhaniya powder and sauté well and cover the lid
  3. When sitafal is 80% cooked add gur and diced achari green chillies and imli paste sauté it and cover the lid for 5-7mins (till cooked)
  4. Garnish it with the coriander leaves and serve hot.




Samak ke chawal                               150gms

Potato boiled                                     150 gms (dice)

Chopped tomato                               100 gms

Salt                                                      to taste

Hing                                                    .2 gms

Jeera                                                   3 GMS

RED CHILLI POWDER                          7 GMS

  1. PEPPER POWDER 3 gms

Water                                                 350 ml

Green corriender                               5 gms



  1. Take a hevy bottom pan add ghee to it
  2. Add hing & jeera into hot ghee when it starts popping add chopped tomatoes and sauté well
  3. Add diced potatoes and again sauté well add rice to it and sauté for sometime
  4. Add water adjust the salt and spices and cover the lid till khichdi cooked
  5. Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve hot




Saboo dana (soaked)                        100 gms

Milk                                         1kg

Khoya                                     100 gms

Elaichi powder                       1 gms

Sugar                                      100 gms

Kaju kishmish badam pista  (for garnish)


  1. In a heavy bottom pan add milk and boil and reduce it 20%
  2. Then add khoya and sugar and sauté well and reduce the milk
  3. After that add saboo dana and elaichi powder and reduce till saboo dana cooked
  4. Garnish it dry fruits and serve hot




GINGER                                   10 GMS

Green chilli                             20 gms

Corriender with stem                        75 gms

Mint pricked                          50 gms

Salt                                          to taste

Anaar dana                            15 gms

Curd whisked                                     50 gms



  1. CLEAN AND CHOP ALL THE VEGETABLES add it in mixer and churn or you can use silwatta
  2. Add whisked curd salt and anaar dana and mix well




Imli soaked                             100 gms

Soaked aam chur                   100 gms

Bhuna jeera                            1 tsp

Deggi mirch                            15 gms

Gur                                          500 gms

Salt                                          to taste

Magaz (kheera seed)             25 gms


  1. Take out the pulp from both imli and aam chur and boil it in a pan by adding gur on medium high heat
  2. When it starts boiling add bhuna jeera deggi mirch salt to taste and reduce it
  3. When it cooked add magaz to it and serve




Ginger                                     25 gms

Reddish                                   1 pc

Salt                                          to taste

Green chillie chopped           3 gms

Corriender chopped              5 gms


  1. Grate the reddish add chopp the leaves of the reddish and keep aside by adding some salt so that its water drain out and discard the water after squeezing
  2. Same as reddish grate the ginger
  3. Mix ginger reddish green chillies corriender adjust the salt and serve as a compliment.


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