Cook And Bake Academy

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We offer students opportunity to attend many events in India and Abroad, including Malaysia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Thailand and Singapore for seminars and conferences.

In our continuing effort to give back and promote the culinary arts, we provide opportunities for students not only to meet but also to further enrich themselves by working with renowned chefs.

We are a team of enthusiastic chefs who definitely know our way around the kitchen and have won 3 Golds, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze medals at the Indian Culinary Forum, including one Student Chef of the Year award.

We provide students with the opportunity to visit a five-star hotel for an informative and engaging experience at no cost; this is imperative for many reasons.

Our Chefs are Jury members in – IndiaSkills 2021, MasterChef India season 6, Guinness Book of World Records and many prestigious events & competitions

We travel with students in many different kinds of events to get exposure. We make sure that they are well aware of what we do and how they can proceed to the next step.

A few of our students’ delicious creations that they created during their culinary classes.

Here are some of the photos that you can find on Social Media posted by our students who have been a part of this wonderful experience.